Ask yourself, do you…

  • … have a fancy camera, but feel confused or overwhelmed by those knobs and settings?

  • … need a refresher on the basics, plus tips on how to get the look you’re going for?

  • … take pictures that are blurry, flat, or the wrong colors?


I work with people like you!

There’s no better or more fun way to learn photography than directly from an experienced professional.

Ditch the boring, long videos and manuals, and transform your photo skills with live, hands-on learning.

By taking a lesson you will:

  • Learn how to get the most out of your camera
  • Demystify important concepts and settings like:
    • Shutter Speed
    • Aperture (F-Stop)
    • ISO
    • White Balance
  • Be able to:
    • Get that pretty blurry background (shallow depth-of-field)
    • Capture motion and play with motion effects
    • Take beautiful, frame-worthy portraits
  • Forever onwards be able to take photos that you’ll cherish for the rest of your life

I will teach you to:

  • Be confident and have fun while taking photos
  • Improve your composition
  • Use natural light to get different effects
  • Start expressing your unique vision
  • Think differently about how to tell stories with your pictures
  • Capture the precious moments in life
  • Take travel photos that look like they came out of a magazine

Photography is a powerful medium that can deepen your connection with the beauty of all existence.

When you’re looking through the lens, suddenly everything is new, and life becomes an adventure full of child-like wonder.

Learning how to use your camera to its full extent helps you take pictures that reflect the magnificence of the moment as you see it and then share that beauty with others.

Natalie finds immense joy and delight in watching her students transform into confident and able photographers in just a few hours. Give yourself the gift of learning how to fully use your camera and begin expressing your unique vision.

Group Lessons

You MUST have an SLR. This course is not for point and shoot cameras.
Group lessons are 2.5 hours long.
Space is limited.
We will do a lot of hands-on learning!

 We will cover:

  • How to use basic camera settings and functions
  • How to compose like a pro
  • Making the most of natural light
  • Capturing action and creating action effects
  • How to get a blurry or sharp background
  • Elements of story telling using photos
  • How to take gorgeous portraits
  • Capturing candid moments with your friends and family
  • How to take sharp, in-focus photos in any light

Please contact me if there is a specific thing you’d like to learn that isn’t on this list!

Investment: $150

I accept paypal or credit card

This is the first time I’ve offered lessons in 6 years!! (I’ve been busy getting degrees in soil science!) This is a special introductory offer. Prices are increasing this April!

Natalie offers private courses:

  • For beginners who want extremely customized help learning how to use their cameras and develop their style
  • For more advanced students who want to learn how to tell a story
    • Natalie blends her experience with art and documentary photography to teach students how to tell beautiful stories full of emotion. She will help you with every part of the process from planning and creating the vision, to editing the final set of images that perfectly tell a story that you’re proud of.
  • Teaching how to do VIDEO! Natalie has experience creating videos with her SLR. She can help you get started with equipment needs, how-to’s, and making a video that will make people say wow!

Please contact Natalie for more information on these courses or for other options that aren’t outlined here. Thank you.